About the Upstart Programmme

A Community Space

Serendipities cafe interior.

Our premises aren't just a cafe; they are a space open to the local community. Through our Upstart Programme we hope to support undiscovered or overlooked individuals by offering our space to put their talents on display. We want Serendipities to belong to the community of Dundee just as much as it belongs to us!

Share Your Talent

Pop-up shop space at Serendipities, showing some handmade crafts available for purchase.

If you are an independent or otherwise undiscovered talent of any kind in the Dundee area that can make use of our space in any way, we want to hear from you! Get in touch and tell us a little about what it is you do, and we can arrange everything else from there. From hosting gigs to selling your art, we would love to help out.


Serendipities team-up with Coffee Conscious.

As a social enterprise we recognise the importance of collaborating with fellow enterprises and charities. As well as artists our space is open to enterprises that share our ethos - do not be afraid to reach out to us to ask about collaboration! 

Related Files

Here are some posters related to the Upstart Programme and using our cafe space. Feel free to have a look or pass these files on to any interested parties! 

Using Our Space (pdf)


Musicians Wanted (pdf)