Who We Work With

We wouldn't be able to bring you our delicious drinks and scrumptious food all by ourselves. We are determined to source all our ingredients that we cannot grow ourselves responsibly, and have teamed up with numerous local organisations that allow us to do so. We proudly work with the following social enterprises to bring the community the best service we possibly can, and be the kindest to our planet that we can possibly be. 

Coffee Conscious

Coffee Conscious are a Fairtrade company that actively strive for social, environmental and community responsibility. They reinvest their profits into local community projects and work with a number of other social enterprises. They supply us with not only our coffee beans, but also provide our barista training and coffee machines.


LibberTEA supply us with our many delicious blends of tea. Not only are their tea bags fully biodegradable, but they also reinvest 100% of their profits into social causes such as tackling homelessness and supporting those with mental illness.

Greencity Wholefoods

Greencity Wholefoods supply us with all other ingredients that we cannot grow ourselves such as flour. They only supply products that have not been tested on animals and are vegetarian-friendly, ensuring a lessened impact upon our animal friends.

Kirkton Community Larder

The Kirkton Community Larder is a foodbank-like service operating in Dundee that offers cheap, essential groceries for all in need. They offer a wonderful service for the community and strive to fight against poverty in the local area.

Uppertunity Gardens

The community interest company that Serendipities arose through, Uppertunity, has its own garden spaces where vegetables and spices are grown by its members. We use these homegrown ingredients inside our dishes whenever  the seasons permit it.

The Serendipities apron design embroidery.

The Serendipities apron design embroidery.