About Us



We are a cosy, quirky space in the form of a cafe dedicated to creating and inspiring social change. Serendipities is a concept, a way of living, a space of change making ...oh, and of yummy food! We are a quiet, relaxed corner that allows an escape from the scrambling city around us.

We follow a circular economy model, wherein waste is minimised as much as possible and all resources are reused to the best of their ability. The environment is incredibly important to us and we believe that adhering to this system allows us to lessen our negative impact upon our surroundings.

Our parent organisation is Uppertunity, a Dundee-based social enterprise that works with adults with additional needs. Uppertunity runs workshops and groups that not only help give our members a social outlet, but encourage them to learn new life skills and gain independence.

Not Just a Cafe


We don't simply offer the usual cafe servers within our premises; we offer a social experience with unique opportunities for our local community. On top of our delicious food, we also host a calendar full of events ranging from cooking workshops to performances from local musicians.

Social Responsibility


The environment and reducing our carbon footprint are very important to us here at Serendipities, therefore we use local suppliers and home-grown foods for our dishes whenever possible. All of our products are free from meat and animal products to combat the pollution associated with the farming industry.