A cafe with a twist.

A cafe with a twist.

A cafe with a twist.A cafe with a twist.A cafe with a twist.

Bringing social change and delicious food to the heart of Dundee.

a way of living, a space of change making

Homemade Food

A portion of delicious waffles with fruit.

Come in for a bite of our delicious, responsibly-sourced homemade vegan goods. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and take in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere within our space.

A Unique Experience


We don't have waiters, we have hosts who offer a personalised cafe experience to everyone that comes through the door. Each person is more than a customer; they are a unique individual that can make a difference!

More Than A Cafe


We feature a range of social activities in the evening for individuals of all ages and abilities. Our space is open to the community around us to learn new skills and meet new people.